Saturday, October 24, 2009

Winning the lemming race?

Yes, another "gosh-golly, even I've started blogging" opening post...

First off, I'm way too anal to work within these pre-fab layout options and now dread the idea of needing to learn code in order to put everything exactly where I want it; where it belongs.

Right Where it Belongs could be an appropriate title as well...approaching the blog project has been somewhat of an accidental concession. I initially intended to do a little something in an effort to boost the local guiding numbers (curse you politics, economy & all things rooted in abstract math that are far beyond my understanding), but the next thing I knew, I was gulping the sweet Kool-Aid of self-promotion, justifying as I go...for you see, I suffer the vanity of the all-too self-aware and shoulder guilt like an old-school Catholic.

I don't want to get up and jump up and down about how awesome I am or wear a thin guise labeled "for the love of the game." I've been there and done that; thankfully before the blog era, leaving the evidence of my over-zealous youth scarce. I've been up and down a few things and figuratively, a few times. Recent events have kicked the pendulum into motion and my inner voices say "get up, move yer ass boy."

So, off I go, off my ass and into the swirling, heaving mass of pr that my pessimism calls selling out, my frail (yet lofty) ego views as following the masses and my inner voices nod silently toward with approval.

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